Dom Pérignon presents
20th-23rd October 2016 – South Molton Street

Meet The Ultimate Dom PÉrignon

Dom Pérignon presents 'Transformation', an exceptional fifteen minute experience, encapsulating the unique history and alchemy behind the creation of Dom Pérignon. Opening its doors on South Molton Street, Mayfair, this striking installation will take you on a multi-sensory journey to uncover the magic of Dom Pérignon, through the exploration of sight, sound and taste, starting with a tasting of Dom Pérignon vintage 2006. You will then discover the energy of the second Plénitude P2.

For the duration of 'Transformation', Dom Pérignon will partner with Claridge’s to offer you the ultimate Dom Pérignon gastronomy experience. The partnership will see Richard Geoffroy, Dom Pérignon’s Cellar Master and Simon Rogan, Chef Patron of Fera at Claridge’s, collaborate to produce exclusive Dom Pérignon P2 menus and tastings, hosted in a lavish Dom Pérignon Suite.

'Transformation' will be open from 10.00am - 8.30pm, Thursday 20th – Sunday 23rd October.

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What are Plénitudes?

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Discover the ultimate gastronomical experience with Dom Pérignon P2 in a Dom Pérignon Suite at Claridge’s.


Tastings will be hosted by Dom Pérignon ambassadors, and will introduce you to the style and story of this legendary Champagne.


Dom Pérignon and Simon Rogan, Chef Patron of Fera at Claridge’s have created a special menu that will complement your discovery of P2 and will illustrate the intense and vibrant facets of Dom Pérignon.


Embark on a culinary journey, with an exquisite dinner menu designed by Simon Rogan Chef Patron of Fera at Claridge’s, created to unveil the different facets of Dom Pérignon.

Experience Dom Pérignon through TRANSFORMATION on South Molton Street, and meet P2 Plénitude Deuxième, the Ultimate Dom Pérignon.

Please note this event is for over 18's only. Due to the nature of the event it may not be suitable for photosensitive epileptics.

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What Are Plénitudes?

Dom Pérignon is unique, only releasing vintage champagnes, created using the best grapes from an exceptional year’s harvest. Transforming in the cellars over time, each vintage evolves in a succession of peaks known as Plénitudes, offering different expressions of the same vintage. Dom Pérignon’s champagnes reach their first Plénitude (P1) after seven years and the second Plénitude (P2) after 15 years.


Plénitude Deuxième

Dom Pérignon in its second Plénitude is more intense and vibrant, energised by the transformation. The energy building inside each bottle is like a great storm building to a crescendo. The wine’s journey to its second Plénitude is intense and strong, powerfully routed in nature. It is a journey into the eye of the storm where the energy of Dom Pérignon reaches its absolute peak.

“The energetic lifespan that our wines go through play a pivotal role in transforming our vintages, it isn’t a static process, but an evolution and we hope to bring this to life with Transformation”

Richard Geoffroy

Chef De Cave

Scion of a long line of Côte des Blanc winegrowers, Geoffroy was born in the heart of Champagne country . In 1990, Richard Geoffroy became Dom Pérignon’s Chef de Cave, he has been watching over the destiny of this legendary wine ever since.

Richard shapes a unique world to Dom Pérignon and reveals each vintage originality. Beyond finding the right words, Richard Geoffroy offers unique ways to experience the wine based on new gustatory cultural and sensorial correspondences. From his travels, he captures and filters a myriad of impressions, which he reinterprets in the making of Dom Pérignon.

Dom Pérignon has partnered with Simon Rogan, Chef Patron of Fera at Claridge’s. “Taking inspiration from the Dom Pérignon vintages, I have designed experimental three course lunch and five course dinner menus. The textures and tastes of each course are perfectly paired with the aromas, intensity and facets of each of the vintages and I look forward to diners experiencing the instinctive menu.”

At the centre of London’s Mayfair, Claridge’s, part of Maybourne Hotel Group, embodies grand English style, timeless glamour and impeccable, intuitive and highly tailored service. It is London’s art deco jewel, and home to breath-taking rooms and suites. From London’s finest afternoon tea in the Foyer to vintage champagnes and rare spirits at Claridge’s Bar, all are part of the hotel’s unique splendour and charm.